Trail Rides:
Once a month we host an Open House Trail Ride around the farm. The weather has cooperated with us so far, knock on wood, and the trail ride has been a great time meeting new friends and making rememberable conversation!
H&P Rodeo
22 July, 2017  was our first ever rodeo at Hooves & Paws Stables. It was a GREAT day! The rodeo consisted of Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, Keyhole, 50 yard dash and cut back.  This was the first competition for some of the riders who did FANTASTIC! Each event was timed and cash prizes were rewarded to the first place finisher. 
Grand Opening:
20 May, 2017 was our, long awaited Grand Opening Event! Our trainers were there, as were vendors and a tasty chicken
BBQ. The Central Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce organized our ribbon cutting and we are "Off to the races" so

‚Äčto speak.

Recent Events

Holiday Preview:
17 December, 2016 marked the festive preview of the opening of our facility. Santa and his elf was there giving pony rides.


Princess Tea Party 
08 July, 2017 from 2pm to 6pm was our Premier Princess Tea Party!  Many dressed as their all-time favorite princess. Royal snacks and beverages were shared by all. Princess pony rides were the highlight of the afternoon. 
Pony Day Camp 
19-23 June, 2017 was our first ever Pony Day Camp! The children were introduced to the basics in equine care. Grooming, feeding, fun facts, riding, responsibility of owning a horse and crafts. Lunches and snacks were provided. Special arrangements can be made for later pickup. Please contact for future camps!
Vaulting Clinic
July 28th from 5-730pm. It is believed that vaulting originated in ancient Rome during games where acrobats displayed their skills on cantering horses. Yes, acrobatics on horseback. Noted for it's competition in the Olympics as well as regional competitions in North America and Europe, vaulting is also well known for it's therapeutic benefits. Vaulting combines physical activity with a very social environment, blending the vaulter, coach, team mates and horse into one interactive community that works together towards greater achievement.  Come and join our clinic, no prior experience is needed as we have activities for every level of experience.