Hadassah Gingerich 

Riding Lessons instructor and Horse Trainer 

Beth, a Sunbury native, has had a passion for horses since she was 10 years old. At an early age Beth's vision of working with horses began over 16 years ago. The vision began to transform into the Hooves and Paws reality in 2014 and with a lot of hard work, careful thought, planning and drive Beth has accomplished her dream.

Beth has always had an open heart for animals. From her childhood pets, her first equine, an Arabian at the age of 16 to working and managing a boarding facility. There she performed a broad spectrum of tasks. It is this experience that began Beth's rescue activities. Her and her husband currently attend to 6 dogs, 23 cats, 5 ducks, 1 rabbit and 4 horses as well as an assortment of chickens and ducks

When Beth is not working she loves to spend time with family and friends, long evening trail rides into the sunset and giving lots of attention to all of her critters.  

My riding adventures began at the early age of eight years old. I was able to care for my first pony at the age of ten and I have been focusing on training and breaking horses for 7 years.
I'm a self starter, always have been. When riding lessons were out of reach or unavailable, that did not stop me. I pulled up my boot straps and I decided I was going to learn now matter what. I watched a lot of Clinton Anderson DVD's and problem solving videos. I took what I learned to my local stable and with a little direction and guidance, I taught myself. As time passed and my confidence grew I entered a few local gaming shows and worlds began to open up for me. I had a thirst to learn more.
For several years I was a stable girl at Spring Ridge Stables while in school. When the owner would go to shows I managed the barn. 
I have a strong passion for riding. Sharing that passion with others brings me great satisfaction and joy. My current focus is teaching Western/ gaming and soon I will be adding dressage and jumping to my lessons. I love sharing my knowledge of equines with both adults and children. My patients and understanding of various methods of communication gives me the ability to understand how my students absorb information, I am then able to meet them on their level, creating an environment just for the student so that they are able to not only understand, but to have fun while learning. I have a great interest in helping people over come their fears. I love being able to help people build their confidence. My goal is to be able to help riders and their horses reach their goal they are trying to achieve. 

Beth Kazakavage