Nestled just South of Sunbury, on an 86 acre farm in the rolling hills of the central Susquehanna Valley, Hooves and Paws Stables offers the surrounding area a fully equipped and friendly staffed equine center.  The highly experienced staff, with over 50 years of equine experience, is eager to fulfill you horse boarding needs with safe, user and horse friendly stalls and their full caring attention. In addition our staff offers a full complement of horse riding lessons. Whether you're just starting out or have some experience in the saddle, the Hooves and Paws staff can compliment and augment your riding knowledge.  We teach both English and Western styles along with a broad variety of disciplines including dressage, pole bending, keyhole, barrel racing, trail riding and jumping and starting in August, 2017 Hooves and Paws will have therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults with a broad range of abilities.

Horse Facts

The average horse weighs 1200lbs and will eat, on average, 18-21lbs of hay a day.

Horses and humans have been working together for nearly 5000 years.

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